BUYER BEWARE King James' Bible 1st Edition


When purchasing a 1611 first edition King James' Bible leaf one must be careful as there are actually two distinct editions that are often confused. Both editions read leaf for leaf almost the same and bear a 1611 New Testament title page but only the true first edition bears a 1611 general title page. The other edition bears a 1613 general title page. More times than not the reason a Bible is broken and sold as single leaves is becuse it is incomplete, usually missing the general title page and sometimes even the New Testament title page is missing making it difficult to know exactly which edition one has. Because the two editions look almost identical it is very difficult to tell the two Bibles apart. Not everyone offering 1611 KJV Bible leaves for sale is dishonest. Some sellers are just unaware of the different editions. However, a dealer who proports to be an expert should know the difference. It could be a temptation for a seller to offer a 1613/11 leaf instead of a 1611/11 leaf because there is a large difference in the value of the two editions. A 1611/11 edition value can be as much as 50 times higher than that of a 1613/11 edition.The above recent photos from the internet shows two leaves for sale both porporting to be from the "first printing" "the very first press run from the original 1611 king James Bible". Notice the difference in the positioning of the letters/words. There are two of them circled for you to compare to. The difference is so small it is not noticable at first glance. Also, the offer incorrectly uses the words "title page" to describe the leaves. There are only two title pages in the 1611 King James' Bible, one before the OT called a general title page and the other before the NT called a the NT title page. The first chapter of each book of the Bible is merely that, the first chapter, not a title page. Also, for your comparison see the title pages form each of the two editions. Look close!!! They are not exactly the same either. See Herbert Catalogue 309 and 319 for more information on the two distict editions. If you are in doubt about your 1611 KJV Bible leaf contact us and we can make a comparison to our perfect exemplar copies of the 1611/11 and 1613/11 KJV editions and provide you with a complimentary Examination Report. BUYER BEWARE.