Offered for the consideration of the serious Bible leaf collector is an original study leaf from the scarce 1549 2nd edition of Thomas Matthew's Bible, and like all our original leaves it is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. Also offered are an additional 4 original Bible leaves all containing the SAME BIBLICAL TEXT. 




1. An original SAME TEXT leaf from the 1548 2nd diglot edition Tyndale/Erasmus New Testament [Herbert 67]* - [no title page].

2. TWELVE fine art reproduction SAME TEXT leaves from the 1549 1st edition Great Bible/Erasmus Paraphrased into English [H 72] with a fine art reproduction title page. Not pictured.

3. An original SAME TEXT leaf from the 1549 2nd edition Matthew’s Bible [H 74] with a fine art reproduction title page.

4. An original SAME TEXT leaf from the 1538 2nd diglot edition Coverdale/Erasmus New Testament [H 38] with a fine art reproduction title page.

5. An original SAME TEXT leaf from the 1560 1st edition Geneva Bible [H 107] with a fine art reproduction title page.

6. An original SAME TEXT leaf from the 1568 1st edition Bishops’ Bible [H 125] with a fine art reproduction title page.

7. Fine art reproductions of original portraits of William Tyndale, Desiderius Erasmus, John Rogers, Myles Coverdale, John Knox and Matthew Parker, all reproduced using the finest Epson printing products. 

8. Ten gift leaves from a Bible printed between 1614-1640.

9. Reference material from the Herbert Catalogue of English Bible, 1968 and Darlow and Moule Catalogue of Bibles 1903. 

10. The inexpensive price of this offer is reflected in our choice of the same text leaves. No requests please! Not to worry though, because all leaves come from the New Testament and are therefore premium leaves. The above pictured leaves are for display purpose only.





It was Desisderius Erasmus who in 1516 stirred the glowing embers of “sola Scriptura” in the hearts of the future reformers with a printed Greek New Testament resulting in it being translated into almost every vernacular language in Europe. It was the 1522, 3rd edition of Erasmus’s Greek New Testament that gave birth to England’s first printed New Testament in 1525/26, translated by William Tyndale. He lost his life in 1536 when he was burned at the stake.


It is noted that in the very next year after the Tyndale/Erasmus diglot New Testament was published another edition of the English New Testament appeared in the market place competing for the attention of the paying public. It was a smaller format of the Great Bible version New Testament [edited by Myles Coverdale and first printed in 1539] mixed together with the new Erasmus Latin Translation, this time however, paraphrased into English.




And surprise, surprise one of its English translators was none other than Henry VIII's oldest daughter, Princess Mary. You remember, in 1553  she ascended the thrown of England as Mary I after her half brother King Edward VI suddenly died. As a devout Catholic she stopped all Bible production, arrested almost 300 Protestants and had most of them burned at the stake crowning her with the infamous title “bloody Mary”.




The very first martyred reformer during her reign was none other than John Rogers, friend of the late William Tyndale and the editor and translator of what is referred to as the Matthew's Bible [1537]. As I am sure you are aware the Matthew’s Bible was in reality none other than the Tyndale translation disguised under a pseudonym.




One of the few protestant reformers arrested by Queen Mary but then released was former Bishop Myles Coverdale, the translator of the very first complete Bible in English, 1535. The new Queen's cousin Christianus, the King of Denmark, intervened on Coverdale’s behalf and requested his release from prison. Upon securing his freedom Coverdale fled to the continent of Europe and eventually to Geneva, Switzerland where he met up with other exiled reformers from Great Britain.





    It is believed Coverdale assisted the exiled in translating what is known as the Geneva Bible, 1560. By the time of its publication "bloody Mary" was already dead and her half sister Elizabeth was the Queen. By the year 1566 the Geneva Bible, with all of it’s Calvinistic marginal notes, had already impacted England with such force that the new Queen appointed Archbishop Matthew Parker to have a fresh translation of the Bible made, now known as the Bishops’ Bible, 1568. Do you know what is so utterly amazing about all of this is? You can find the fingerprints of both William Tyndale and Myles Coverdale all over this new translation? In fact, Myles Coverdale was one of four Bishop’s who consecrated Matthew Parker as Archbishop of Canterbury. 




    We are making what might seem to be an almost impossible offer. Along with 1) the original leaf from the 1538 2nd edition quarto Coverdale/Erasmus diglot New Testament we are going to add 2) an original 2nd edition 1548 Tyndale/Erasmus diglot leaf 3) an original leaf from the 1549 2nd edition of the Matthew’s Bible 4) an original leaf from the 1560 1st edition Geneva Bible 5) an original leaf from the 1568 1st edition Bishops’ Bible, ALL CONTAINING THE SAME COMMON TEXT. Did you get that? THE SAME COMMON TEXT!!!


    Only the most avid and wealthy Bible collectors ever have the opportunity to make comparisons between the original printed texts. Here is an exceptional opportunity to make a word-for-word comparison of five of the earliest English foundational translations that underpin the 1611 KJV Bible. With this study collection it is now possible for the serious Bible leaf collector to minutely compare the orthography, punctuation and grammar of the same common text. Investigate the composition of the ink, watermarks and the rag content of the paper. Learn about the printers and the varied typography used in production. Compare the marginal notes and printed annotations. Examine in detail the blemishes of use through the ravages of time.


    This unique comparative study collection gives the novice the opportunity to scrutinize in detail the evolution of the text of their very own personal modern printed Bible. Become the Bible scholar on this particular passage of scripture as you make a word-for-word comparison. Then publish your results online.


    BUT WAIT!! THERE IS EVEN MORE!!! Because of our commitment to putting these unique historical Study Collections into the hands of Bible believers, who will not only cherish and display these original documents of their Christian heritage but will with these heirlooms of faith also share their love for Jesus Christ, that we are going to help the successful collector who acquires this offer to pay for it. That’s right! We are going to give to the new custodian, at no additional cost, 10 MORE LEAVES from a quarto (personal size Bible) King James’ Bible printed between 1614 and 1640. That’s 15 original early Bible leaves in this offer. Of course we will provide a reproduction title page and a Certificate of Authenticity for each original leaf where possible. Whoever is blessed to own this study collection will be privileged to share it with family and friends whom they can introduce to the world of Bible leaf collecting by giving them the opportunity to acquire their very own piece of original Biblical history by either selling them one of the KJV quarto leaves or simply giving them away as witnesses to their faith.


    May we suggest this Biblical Archives offer would make an awesome gift for one’s pastor, teacher or faith mentor? Use these materials as a teaching or evangelism aide with children, church, school or seminary. Mount the leaves on the walls of your home, business or church as a testimony to the saving and sustaining power of the Word of God. Give your children hands-on experience developing critical analytical skills using original ancient documents as part of their Home School curriculum. Create a mini-museum of your very own Biblical Heritage. This is a rare LIMITED OFFER!!! It is highly unlikely this exact same offer could be repeated again anywhere else in the world. Act now! We only have 5 of these SAME TEXT sets available at the moment. The special sale price is reflected in our random choice of the text. All leaves come from the New Testament so please don't worry you will get a wonderful text.