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John Wycliffe The Dawn of the Reformation by David Fountain 1984


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The 1984 soft cover book entitled John Wycliffe The Dawn of the Reformation by David Fountain. This is a BRAND NEW copy [never used] of a 33 year old popular now out of print book. See for current market value of used and new books.




John Wycliffe was born sometime around 1324 to 1331, depending on who you listen to, in a little village in Yorkshire. Little is known of his early life. He went to Oxford at the age of 16. Here he earned both his Master and Doctorate degrees. His studies for his Master’s were varied and included the law of optics, chemical analysis, physiological genesis of sleep, geometrical rules and national economics. To qualify for his Doctorate he had to learn law, medicine and theology. It is considered by historians that there was no greater mind in all of Europe.




Before we venture into Wycliffe’s story we should stop for a moment to consider what medieval life was like in the early 14th Century. Most people lived in a rural environment as tenant farmers. They were subject to the aristocracy of church and state, which in almost every case was the same. The cost of living was high and life expectancy was low.




Nothing dominated medieval life as much as the church. The priests, who were divided into two parts - regular and secular - were ignorant, corrupt and very often illiterate. The Bishops, were appointed positions, very often rewards for some political favour. However, in England nationalism was growing and there was a backlash to the Papacy in Rome.




But it was at the grass roots level the affects of the wicked and often times useless clergy was really felt. Not only was the parish priest the representative of the Church, most times he was the civil authority as well. The idea of separation of church and state was not yet appreciated nor freedom of speech tole