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Offered for display to the discerning collector is an original leaf from the very first folio edition of the famous historic 1611 King James’ Bible containing 1 Samuel 13:1-14:18 and unusually illuminated in gold. The information contained in this 3,000 year old biblical incident was directly responsible for the final defeat of the Turkish Army in Palestine by General  Allenby on 15 February 1918. This year is the 100th anniversary of that major victory. Accompanying the gold illuminated leaf is a fine art reproductions of its general title page and historic map and a signed Certificate of Authenticity. 




1. An original gold illuminated leaf from the 1611 first edition King James' Bible [H 309] - 1 Samuel 13:1-14:18. Both large initials on the leaf, front and back, are illuminated in gold. NOTE: We have been saving this particular leaf in anticipation of the 100th anniversay of this remarkable battle that took place not far from Jeruslaem. There is only one 1611 first edition KJV Bible leaf left in stock of this passage of scripture. We do, however, have leaves of the same text from later editions all at lower prices. Send us an email requesting the details of these other Bibles. But the 1611 1st edition leaf of 1 Samuel 13-14 is the most sought after leaf of this text to be had. 

2. A fine art reproduction of the 1611 first edition King James' Bible title page

3. A fine art reproduction portrait of King James I

4. A fine art reproduction of the Speed map found in the 1611 1st edition Bible

5. Reference material from Herbert (H): HISTORICAL CATALOGUE OF PRINTED EDITIONS OF THE ENGLISH BIBLE 1525-1961 by A.S. Herbert. Herbert Catalogue is the standard reference work for printed English Bibles. 


When Joshua [4:5-7] led the children of Israel into the Land of Promise he commanded memorial stones be erected so that their children would someday be provoked to ask the question “what mean ye by these stones?" Giving the parents the profound privilege to share God's saving and sustaining grace during forty years wandering in the wilderness. It was a reminder of God’s continuing tender care for His children. Our prayer is that these ancient memorials of God’s Word upon the walls of your homes, businesses and places of worship might provoke your children and friends to ask “where did we get our Bible from?”


In the same way that Moses [Deut. 11:18-21] commanded the Law to be placed on the door posts of every home, so we too, encourage believers to place upon the walls of their homes, businesses and churches the venerated Word of God, select leaves from ancient Bibles - as the Psalmist sang they are "...finer than gold and sweeter than honey." Provoke your family and friends to remember and appreciate God’s inspired, infallible, immutable and most Holy Word by displaying a memorial leaf to God's amazing grace. It is Our Mission at Biblical Heritage Collection Archives to make available to every Christian home and church a reminder of God's supernatural care and preservation of His Holy Word. 


May we suggest this particular Biblical Archives offer would make an awesome gift for a soldier serving their country. With Vaentines Day fast approcahing there could be no more historic gift to shared than unusal heirloom. Mount the leaf on the wall of your home or business as a testimony to the saving and sustaining power of the Word of God. 

GENERAL ALLENBY'S VICTORY - 100th Aniversay 15 February 1918