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An original Tyndale New Testament Rycharde Jugg Revision 1552 First Edition Display Leaf


Offered for the consideration of the serious Bible leaf collector is an original display leaf from the rare Rycharde Jugg first edition revisesd 1552 Tyndale New Testament, and like all our original leaves it is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. The unbievable special price is reflected in our choice of the text leaf. 




Two sisters, Joyce and Bridget, were known as “gentlewomen.” This implied they were from an important and respected family. Both had received a good education which was only afforded to females in the 16th century of those from the very best of homes. Their father, Thomas Curzon of Croxall, was a noble landowner in Derbyshire during the reign of Henry the VIII. These girls lacked for nothing and enjoyed all the world had to offer. Fine clothes, an elegant home to live in and of course the social life that was theirs by birth. They were sisters and life long sisters they would be.




Their family remained Roman Catholic and survived the ruthless purging of the Romanists during Henry’s time. Henry first burned Lutherans, Baptists and then anyone else who disagreed with him and after he split with the church in Rome he burnt and imprisoned Catholics. It was rough times. Survival became an art form and men like Thomas Curzon quickly learned the ins and outs of court diplomacy.




At last Thomas Curzon’s two girls were married. One, Joyce, to a Knight by the name of Sir. George Appleby. The other, Bridgett, to Thomas Burdett of Bramcote who’s father Robert was a member of Parliament. This happy couple were the proud parents of 13 children and in turn scores of grandchildren and great grandchildren, some of which became members of Parliament themselves. One great grandson, Thomas Burdett  was created a baronet by King James I  in 1619 and then, each in turn, generation after generation, the title passed from one son to the next for the next 400 years.




So how is it we know so much about one family and why does it matter? We have in our collection at Biblical Archives Bridgett Curzon’s Bible which contains 400 years of the births, deaths and in some cases the marriages of the Burdett family. This family Bible is in reality a New Testament printed in the year 1553 by Rycharde Jugg and was the last scriptures to leave the printing press before Princes Mary inherited the throne of England from her half brother, Edward VI. Almost 300 godly believers, for their faith and love of Jesus Christ, were put to death by this Catholic queen who has become known as, because of her butchery, “Bloody Mary.”




This Testament is a William Tyndale translation and was dangerous to own when purchased by Bridget. It is in wonderful condition, perfect textually, and it’s tile page is hand coloured with its edges in gold and colours bearing a coat of arms. To own such a book could cost you dearly and if not with your life then one could in fact spend many years in prison for no other reason than for the love of the Word of God.




Shortly before Bridget purchased her Tyndale New Testament Laurence Saunders was burned at the stake in Coventry for his faith(see Foxes Book of Martyrs). For a reason not still known this had a profound effect upon the Curzon girls and thus Bridget's acquisition of her prized possession.




But what of her sister, Joyce? No bible records survive to account for her lineage or heritage. Apart from one historical record we would know little of her life. Her husband, Sir. George, was sadly killed in 1547 at the battle of Pinkie Cleugh in Scotland. Some short time later she married Thomas Lewes of Lichfiled, a man somewhat older than herself. After the martyrdom of Mr. Saunders in 1555 Joyce began to inquire after her soul and sought counsel from one John Glover, a neighbor. Soon the delights of the Lord were hers to enjoy and she forsook the worldly pleasures of this life. Her husband was a harsh man who forced Joyce to attend the mass. WILLIAM TYNDALE'S NEW TESTAMENT continued ...




    Very soon she was refusing the sacraments in the mass and this led to a summons to appear before the Bishop who implored her to repent. “She plainly told the Bishop that by refusing the holy water she neither offended God nor any part of His laws.” For this she was sent home for a month to think about her future. When the month had expired it was her cruel husband that delivered her to the court for trial. At the end of the trial “the bishop reasoned with her upon the fitness of her coming to Mass, and receiving as sacred the Sacrament and sacramentals of the Holy Ghost. ‘If these things were in the Word of God,’ said Joyce, ‘I would with all my heart receive, believe, and esteem them.’ The bishop, with the most ignorant and impious effrontery, replied, ‘If thou wilt believe no more than what is warranted by Scriptures, thou art in a state of damnation!’ Astonished at such a declaration, this worthy sufferer ably rejoined that his words were as impure as they were profane.” 




    After a further 12 months in prison, on a warm September day in 1558, just two months before "bloody Mary's" death, the warrant for her death was received from London ordering her immediate execution. The High Sheriff entered her cell to tell her she had but one hour left to live. The night before she had told her close friends. "As for death, I think but lightly of. When I know that I shall behold the amiable countenance of Christ my dear Savior, the ugly face of death does not much trouble me."




    Two friends accompanied her to the place of execution where she was afforded some water to drink to refresh her before she was put to the flames. “When she had prayed, she took the cup, and said, ‘I drink to all them that unfeignedly love the Gospel of Christ, and wish for the abolition of popery.’ Her friends, and a great many women of the place, drank with her, for which most of them afterward were enjoined penance.”




    “When chained to the stake, her countenance was cheerful, and the roses of her cheeks were not abated. Her hands were extended towards heaven until the fire rendered them powerless, when her soul was received into the arms of the Creator." Although the Bible of Joyce Curzon Lewes does not survive to record her heritage as does her sister Bridget Curzon Burdett's Bible her name is, however, written down in the Lambs Book of Life and that really is all that matters. The earthly record of Joyce Lewes may be read in Fox’s Book of Martyrs.


    Offered for the consideration of the serious Bible leaf collector is an original display leaf from the rare Rycharde Jugg first edition revisesd 1552 Tyndale New Testament, and like all our original leaves it is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. The unbievable special price is reflected in our choice of the text leaf. 


    BUT WAIT!! THERE IS EVEN MORE!!! Because of our commitment to putting these unique fragments of history into the hands of Bible believers, who will not only cherish and display these original documents of their Christian heritage but will also share their love for Jesus Christ, that we are going to help the successful collector who acquires this offer to pay for it. That’s right! We are going to give to the winner, at no additional cost, FIVE ADDITIONAL LEAVES